Thursday, October 29, 2009

Project Runway 10/29/09--"The Best of the Best" summary

Previously on Project Runway: I thought for a brief moment they were designing for Michael Kors, which would have been great, but no, they were only going to get their challenge from him. Make an outfit inspired by a location. Blah. People had cute clothes, I guess, and non-dresses which is always good. Irina won, after trash talking everyone. Chris made some weird ugly dress, and Logan just made a tank top and jeans, but Nicolas went home instead. To be fair, his outfit didn’t say “Greece” at all, but at least the top was interesting. (click for more)

Logan and Chris sit by themselves in their apartment and quietly freak out. Chris thinks the judges don’t get him or his work. Irina holds forth that women have a better viewpoint for designing for women and that the field has too many men in it. Althea puts the bitchpants on and tells us that Chris and Logan have repeatedly been in the bottom. As we all knew already. Carol Hannah may be making a non-dress.

When Heidi comes out she’s made everyone face away from the runway. She appears in a very short skirt and knee high boots. Sigh. Chris is horrified for some reason, not at Heidi‘s outfit but by the fact that he can hear rustling behind him and he doesn‘t know what is going on. Heidi makes them turn around, and they find their own outfits on the runway. Specifically, the ones they made that won them challenges. Carol Hannah hopes very much she doesn’t have to cut hers up. The challenge is to make a companion piece that compliments their look. Logan is the only one whose look wasn’t a winner. It’s the one from the first challenge, the red carpet challenge. Irina starts in with her “some people don’t deserve to be here” litany that I’m sure we’ll be hearing about all night.

Back in the workroom Tim gives them 30 minutes to sketch, $100 at Mood, and the rest of the day to make their clothes. Althea’s look was the jacket/shirt/short skirt combo for the models to work at the industry event. Hopefully she will design a bra for this one. She seems to be making pants, and a huge jacket. Irina has her Aspen look and she says nothing of value. Gordana is going to make a blazer and possibly pants for her divorcee look. Chris’s look was from the first challenge, all the way back then. He’s making a gown, so a longer version, but his sketch seems to have flowers on the skirt so that’s not such a good look. Logan buys 40 zippers at Mood. Chris is buying 30 yards of fabric? Really? Carol Hannah doesn’t want more feathers and sequins, so she really wants something that goes along with it but isn’t exactly the same. Tim gives her advice that if she wants to take some risks and be creative, then she needs to be in something of a comfort zone. So that means if she is a dress person, then she needs to make a dress instead of trying to be creative and also making pants for the first time on top of that.

Carol Hannah just puts out her fabric on the table and looks at it. Then she gets coffee. Irina is making a work look. Althea is draping black pants? I think so they have some volume to mimic her skirt. Then Logan says they look like Malvin’s pants. Oh no. Irina jokes that he’ll give Althea a heart attack. Gordana interviews that everyone is kind of freaking out.

Chris and Logan talk about stress. Gordana talks about where she’s from, and we get a picture of her when she was 4. So cute! Carol Hannah is still confused. Chris sews his 30 yards of fabric. I guess his signature is “volume”.

Tim time! Carol Hannah has a black short dress with a big poofy skirt. Tim tells her to put the green she’s bought under the black skirt. Perfect. Irina is making a tight dress and a big sweater. Tim says it’s unexpected, but he wonders if she needs the cardigan. But it looks like it’s good. Chris’s new dress is long with a ruffley huge skirt. Tim thinks his old look is youthful and sexy, but today’s look, looks like her mother. Chris interviews, “Today did not go as planned.” Althea needs her model to get the fit right. Tim agrees because at the moment, the hips on the pants are super wide and it’s like a diaper. Logan excites Tim already. He’s got a short black dress and is making a collar out of zippers. Like, unzipped and stacked on top of each other. Althea says that’s what she did on the Christina Aguilera challenge, and we see a shot of it. Not that we saw a shot of that during the actual show, because Lifetime is useless at showing the clothes during the runway show. But it does look pretty close. She says hers was better anyway. Gordana has a gray vest or jacket maybe, which she is leaving open. Tim tells her to stand behind it. For some reason, we go outside to Irina and Althea (you can still hear Tim talking to Gordana) so they can bitch about Logan stealing ideas. Althea says she hates Logan and is bitter. Irina encourages her to tattle, or at the very least mention to Logan that he must have been inspired by her look.

The models show up for fittings. Irina thinks Chris’s dress is throwing up another dress. Althea complains to her model about Logan. She then says that he hasn’t ever been in the top 3. Really? Interesting. Chris really is doing flowers. Irina of course is better than everyone.

There is a lot of work to be done in the morning. Flailing ensues. Gordana asks around for a hook and eye closure. Althea says she might have one in her bag, and lets Gordana root around in there. Irina, of course, can’t be bothered to even let Gordana look. If you’re so much better than everyone, then it wouldn’t hurt, right? She says if she wants something, she’ll get it. That makes me want her to fail. Logan wishes she would be in the bottom just to knock her down a bit. Tim gives everyone only an hour to finish. Althea thinks that Carol Hannah has never even done a jacket, so she’s surprised the judges haven’t noticed. That is odd, but I notice that she’s really bitchy about it to her model, but in interview she’s like, “I’m just so surprised, really.” Logan gets his turn with the bitchpants and says that Gordana shouldn’t be doing the same technique with her new look and it looks like his grandma’s couch. Your grandma’s couch is gray with diagonal pleating? Chris thinks he’s meant to be here. Althea for some reason changes her tune and says she’s not going to say anything about Logan copying her because maybe he didn’t realize it. Irina pipes up out of nowhere and says that Althea copied her cardigan sweater from last week, which, I don’t really see it at all at the moment. She was so adamant that Althea tattle so we’ll see if she does.

Jesus. Heidi is wearing walking shorts in silver lame, a pink floral button down ruffled shirt, and a black blazer with elbow length sleeves. Guess who is a judge today! Uncle Nick! Hee! Nina is here too, and then Kerry Washington. I bet Nick can’t compare to Kors but that’s OK. Carol Hannah: very simple black dress with a full skirt. You can’t see the green layer at all. God it’s boring. Althea: black pants that are cropped but are full in the hip, a white tank with straps, and a gray sweater with super huge sleeves. It’s a cardigan sweater and I’m not sure how close it is to Irina. Logan: short poofy black skirt, with a tulle overlay, a white tank and a black and silver vest with the zippers. It has nothing to do with his original look, in my opinion. From far away the collar just looks solid silver. Irina: very big coat in brown with fur cuffs and a really wide collar that just hangs open so you can see the dress. The dress is like tapestry and is pretty. It looks a lot like her other look, which does NOT look like Althea’s. Gordana: black skirt and a gray jacket that is a little long but has horizontal pleating at the waist. The collar and lapels are loose and kind of ruffley. I like it. The seaming is great. Chris: the top of the dress is black with a deep V. Past her hips it is covered in silver flowers, which luckily are sewn in such a way that they just look like petals, and at about her knees the white ruffley underskirt starts and then goes to the floor. I don’t think it’s that bad, actually. The silver runs around the edge of the black up along her butt to the back of the dress, and there are tassels. Nina makes a great face.

Everyone gets to stand up there today. Chris gets to go first. Nina doesn’t like the proportion, because it’s very bottom heavy, but Nick thinks there might be something pretty in there. The black and the white don’t really go together. Irina’s dress is short but it looks great. Nick feels her model looks like a former Russian model who married a millionaire. Really, that’s the story. Kerry would buy it. Nina finally, FINALLY gives Irina bad feedback, which is that she hates the dress. Heidi likes it, but of course she likes short and tight. Gordana tried to be more elegant than her first look. Heidi hates it, like violently hates it. No one thinks this is a girl who wants to be noticed. Gordana stands behind it. Carol Hannah talks about texture, and Kerry likes the color but IT’S BLACK. It’s a black short dress with a full skirt and pockets. Why does everyone think it’s so great? Jeez. Logan thinks his look is a “wow” piece. This is why Kors needs to be here. All Nina can say is “student work”. Nick steps up and says Judy Jetson. Althea likes the volume but still tailored feel of her look, and Heidi wants it. Then she asks who had the first idea of the sweater with big sleeves, because while Althea did not copy Irina’s Aspen look, those two sweaters standing next to each other on the runway right now do look similar. Althea says that hers was in her original sketch, which it was, and that probably Irina’s was in her sketch too. Irina says she did a knit in her previous look, like she has the monopoly on knits or something. She then says that there has been “resemblance” of things, or something to that effect. Is she trying to accuse Althea of copying her or is she calling Logan out? Nick knows that happens all the time, but Irina thinks she should have noticed. Guess she means Althea, who can only reiterate that it was in her sketch and they don’t sketch anywhere near each other. The judges get back on track and give her some more praise about the sweater before Heidi gets rid of them.

Heidi can see people wearing Irina’s clothes, and they always look expensive. Althea had great construction, and it was architectural but cozy. Carol Hannah, they still like, it was well made. Logan’s name comes up and Nick just sighs. Heidi says it’s like an outfit for a music video in the 80’s, but not the lead, for the backup singers. Gordana’s jacket was sad. Kerry wanted to like Chris’s dress but it was too heavy at the bottom.

Carol Hannah is in. Althea is the winner. Take that Irina! Heidi says they all want her outfit, and Althea says she’ll make them for everyone. Nick is like, thanks. Hee. Althea interviews that she’s not really sure what Irina was accusing her of, but something like that is caused by character and not stress. But she won, so whatever. Irina is in. Chris is in. Gordana’s look was sad and outdated. Logan’s dress was too much and he needed to edit. Gordana is in. Aw, no more cute straight boy. Not even his silver pants could save him. He’s surprised that he was sent home for taking a risk and says he’s not for 90% of the population.

Next time: Tim says it’s the last challenge but that would only take them down to four? Only three showed. We don’t see anything useful.


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