Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I haven't been posting a lot, but today we had a snow day so I have some extra time to give my various thoughts on whatever. (click for more)

"LOST": I used to recap Lost. I'd watch it once and take notes, then the next day I'd browse the internet and look for details I missed and explanations of things, and then write the recap. Then it started to not be that good so I stopped. It still takes too long, but it's getting better again. I think that as much as everyone was always, "Oh, we totally know where we're going with this!" they had no idea. The show picked up again once they had an end in sight.

That being said, sometimes I wish they'd get to the point. Did we have to jump around so many times before Daniel could talk to Desmond and tell him to find his mom? Although it did give an excuse for Sawyer to wander around shirtless. Time travel makes my head hurt, trying to keep track of all the possible paradoxes and whatever. They really didn't explain anything, because if the island moved in time, it would STILL BE IN THE OCEAN. And if the people got "unstuck" and are hopping around, the island would STILL BE IN THE OCEAN. Final point: Sun is kick-ass. I love how Kate was apologizing and Sun was like, it's not your fault, but just cold enough that you wonder how much she means it.

"True Beauty": You guys knew I would be watching this show. It's got pretty people being judged on being jerks. So I like it. However, I have one problem with last night's "final challenge". They had a girl, maybe 11 or 12, pretend to cry and have lost her mom. Both people up for elimination were men. A stranger looking over and seeing a woman and a crying girl, will see a totally different thing than a man and a crying girl. Shouldn't be true, but it is. So if one of the men had not helped, out of fear, that doesn't mean he's a horrid ugly person.

"Hell's Kitchen" and "Amazing Race": These are on the way soon. I'll probably talk about "Hell's Kitchen" but not do actual recaps. It should be the same trainwreck that you can't stop watching. Kmanpat will be back to do "Amazing Race". One of the contestants is deaf, doesn't read lips, and doesn't speak. Also there is a father/son team where 1. both members of the team are over 35, and 2. one of them is gay, but it's the dad this time.

Thanks for reading everything! If you have any shows you think I should be watching/writing about, let me know in comments.

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