Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moley moley mole!

I was so glad to see "The Mole" again on my TV. You feel so smart watching it. Like, you might actually learn something! And then when the actual contestants have no idea what's going on, you feel so superior. I mean, it's not hard to feel superior when you're watching "Big Brother" or something.

I like Craig as the mole, and also Nicole. The fact that everyone loves Craig and wasn't mad at all that he didn't get his money? They were right, that's the perfect persona for the mole to have. And yes, Nicole is too obvious, maybe. I mean, we all thought Elavia was the mole until she quit. However I do like the idea that she would be as annoying as possible just at the right time to put herself in charge of a task and win an exemption. It's probably because Angie Everheart was the last celebrity mole and she was pretty obvious, trusting that people would chalk it up to her temper.

Thinking of that makes me miss Corbin. He was crazy. He would have been a good host, messing with people and pretending to give out hints. Let me just say, that putting a thumbprint on one person's helmet? That's weak.

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