Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe their knives were dull.

OK, first of all, I love that everyone had to catch chickens. I also loved that no one seemed to know how exactly to do that, which is that you need to hold their wings in next to their bodies, which also helps keep you from being pecked. But I knew Ramsay wouldn't make them kill chickens. What chef kills and cleans chickens? Fish, maybe. Lobster and clams and whatnot, for sure. Not chickens. (Side note: Scott standing there with his arms crossed holding a cleaver? Bad. Ass. And disturbingly hot.) And then they had to break down the chickens, and all I could think of was Hung from last season on Top Chef, where he broke down four chickens in like, 2 minutes. 5 minutes per chicken? Psshh. Craig, sigh.

Also, Christina? Go ahead and be personally insulted because Corey called you out. But don't make the next sentence out of your mouth about "keeping the team together" or whatever, and then go and nominate a totally random third person. Thank goodness we won't have to listen to Jason anymore.

Also I forgot to give points to Louross for having a real mohawk and not a fauxhawk.

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